Monday, January 30, 2012

recyclemania SCC!

Recyclemania, oh yeah! Not only am I excited, but so is my spell-check, got to love a good suffix, especially when it is all about being green! So, here is some "Green" mood music to enjoy while you read this Blog entry!

This year St. Charles Community College Green Team is partaking in a friendly competition to see how we stack up against other colleges in the country. Although, this is not the typical competition you would expect to find, we want everyone to win! Recycling is finally becoming a fad again, and its one I feel comfortable supporting! It is much better than flip flops and "Ugg" boots! So get on the Recyclemania crazy train with us, and help us "compete" with colleges across the country! Keep an eye out for our new recycle containers, pictured below, and remember, it is single stream, so you can deposit; plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, and aluminum! Lets get manic about recyclemania! (Pun intended.)

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  1. I am so thrilled that this finally is becoming a reality on our campus. The art club students and I used to recycle in the VAB classrooms and I would end up dragging all of these bags home with me each week. There was a lot of resistance for a while and it is such a relief to see that dissipate. It is about time that we step up as examples in our community particularly considering our enormous level of consumption that takes place on campus. My hat is off to you all for turning the wheels of progress!