Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Live as if you are going to die tomorrow..."

"Learn as if you are going to live forever!" - Mahatma Ghandi

One of the hidden aspects of grounds keeping for a educational facility is our ability to touch the lives of students in a very indirect way. Giving the students a safe and serene campus is one way that is very obvious. Yet I have recently been thinking how much we have been doing, and how can we do more?

Admin to Tech Amphitheater...

We currently work with the Biology department to get students involved in outdoor activities and awareness of natural resources on campus. We have a student garden, and work with clubs, such as the Green Club, to  help assist removing invasive species in our natural field. We work with the Art Department to assist us with the painting of our flower pots and the design of our butterfly garden.

Administration Dogwoods...

And possibly the most important thing we can offer a smile, a helping hand with books or directions to a building. Students are stressed, in a new place or approaching final exams, working hard and diligently to make themselves better.

When my grandmother taught me to grow things, I didn't realize the profound effect it would have on me until now. Teaching me to garden, to be patient, to work hard and see mistakes not as failures, but opportunities to learn from, to grow, to be better, she literally saved my life. When I see students hitting the books, working so hard to make it to this point reminds me of her, and reminds me of how amazing this place really is.


So free high fives to all the students, faculty, and staff as finals will surely have everyone a little stressed! See you outside!

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  1. It took me a bit to read this, but things are clear now that I see your post...! As you well know some of us over here in the VAB are delighted to do all we can to make this a great experience for the community and all of our friends and visitors. I have been told repeatedly by my new neighbors that our campus is an oasis to them.