Friday, November 8, 2013

Green Shoes...

I will not eat them with a who, I will not eat them without a view! I am no Dr. Seuss, thus why I write this tiny little blog on my spare time... But I do like to be green whenever possible!

See the Presentation November 12th @ 11:30 AM, S.S.B. Auditorium.

Yesterday I saw a flyer for shoe donations for "The Shoe-man Project." I have been wanting to get around to disposing of my yard work shoes, but just felt terrible throwing them out when I know so many people around the world go shoe-less.  Shoes not only comfort our feet, protecting us from the pains of terrain, but they also protect us from disease and parasites, in a way; shoes save lives. This organization has taken that life saving a step further...

Many miles hiked in these shoes, goodbye old shoes and safe travels!

By reselling these shoes at a discounted price so it can reach someone who may not be able to afford shoes themselves, the money raised is then utilized to provide clean drinking water to places that may usually not have access to such an invaluable resource. This is another thing I have myself taken for granted, as water is the essential ingredient for life as we know it, and many people still drink from contaminated waters to survive. See this link to learn more about the Shoeman Project

Shoe Collection Bins will be placed November 7th until November 21st

The Student Global Network and International Club has boxes planted around SCC, and today these old yard work shoes are going to a better place, so if you have an old pair of shoes and need an excuse to get out on campus to break in some new ones, you can donate your shoes to some happy feet, and help provide some clean drinking water to a community in need! See you outside!

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