Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mountain Fresh, Driving Us Gnats Revisited...

This time last year I wrote a blog, which can be found here, on how to prevent and treat Fungus Gnats. Fungus gnats are a very common issue with indoor plants. Typically it is caused from over-watering.

I had a discussion the other week with a industry colleague and they said they had read a peer reviewed
research paper on controller Fungus gnats, and other indoor insects, with a dryer sheet. I laughed, thinking it was just some friendly ribbing we have been known to partake in. I received an e-mail from them a few days later with this link... A study authored by Raymond A. Cloyd, Kansas State University Department of Entomology...

Photo of experiment courtesy of  American Society of Horticulture Science...

I tried it on a plant on campus that was infested with fungus gnats. I placed a couple of 1" by 1" square on top of the soil. I inspected it the next day and still had gnats. I instructed the plant owner to start watering the plant through the dryer sheet pieces thinking it may cause the linalool, the product in dryer sheets that has the effect, to seep into the soil. Within 48 hours the fungus gnats had disappeared. It has yet to show if any damage to the plant has resulted from the product, but so far I am impressed with the results and the research.

One of my favorite things about my industry is the little things I learn on a daily basis. Consider trying this if you ever encounter fungus gnats in your plant husbandry careers! Thanks for reading, and I will see you outside!

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  1. Dan - I once worked at a company that was plagued by mice during the winter months. We put dryer sheets everywhere - even stuffed into the metal parts of the cubicle walls and never saw mice again!! Thanks for the tip about fungus gnats!